Urban Classics offers both a recycled range and organic range in our collections. As a brand, we plan to continue to grow these ranges in the years to come. Learn about these ranges below:

Recycled Range

Urban Classics offers a recycled range where these products use a percentage of their material make-up with recycled materials. Our most notable recycled material is recycled polyester. Particularly found in our athleisure ranges and basic ranges, 
The benefits recycled polyester offer is that although it has almost the same properties, there are significant environmental gains. While remaining durable, lightweight, crease-resistant, and quick-drying, recycled polyester is also eco-friendly and economical.
By using less resources to make, recycled polyester is almost the same quality as regular polyester but requires 59% less energy in production.

Organic Range

We are proud to offer an organic range in our collections that we will continue to grow as we move to become a more sustainable brand while remaining affordable and accessible.
Our organic range stretches from mens, to womens, kids, and accessories where we are able to offer everyday basics and lifestyle pieces using 100% organic cotton.
We choose to use organic cotton as a material that uses no synthetic chemicals. The benefits of using this material is that it has a significantly lower carbon footprint, and uses less fuel, water, and energy in its production.
Organic farming is also safer for workers on plantations, and promotes a sustainable supply chain.
Urban Classics aims to have 25% of products to be made with sustainable materials by 2025.